About the partnership

To add peace of mind, TruckIt.net is a distributor for Marine Protect, one of Australia’s leading cargo insurers and can offer accidental damage cover within the booking process on qualifying items.

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Making a Claim
Claim Form
Why has Marine Protect partnered with TruckIt.net?
  • Both striving for sustainability in transport
  • Both Australian owned and operated
  • Australia’s leading freight marketplace and Australia’s leading cargo & freight insurer
  • Backed by National Transport Insurance – Australia’s largest truck insurer
Why would I purchase Cargo Protect Single Transit Insurance?
  • Peace of mind that your interest is protected
  • Full accidental damage cover
  • Invoice value settlement of goods sold/purchased
  • Australian based claims team
  • Goods can be covered up to $50,000 per item in a combined load

Making a claim

Claims are able to be notified in one of four ways:

Send a text

Text the Cargo Protect Claims Team on 0408189146

Send an Email

Email the Cargo Protect Claims Team at cargoclaims@nti.com.au


Telephone us on 02 8227 7785 during Business Hours (9am-4pm Monday-Friday, Business Hours EDST)


Fill out our online lodgement form below and one of our dedicated claims team will be able to assist.

What you will need

When making a claim, please provide the following documentation which may assist in a speeding up settlement of your claim.

When making a claim, please provide the following documentation:

  1. Policy number
  2. Proof of transit
  3. Photo(s) of damaged goods
  4. Invoice or receipt of original purchase
  5. Repair quote
  6. Booking reference number

Claim Form

Please complete the below and provide the supporting documentation relevant to your claim.
  • Supporting Documentation Examples of documents to attach/upload;
    • Proof of transit
    • Photo(s) of damaged goods
    • Invoice or Receipt of original purchase
    • Repair Quote
  • Drop files here or
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please complete the below and provide the supporting documentation relevant to your claim.
  • What is Cargo Protect Single Transit Insurance?

    It’s cover for goods accidentally lost or damaged, during an insured single transit, within Australia.

    We’ve got your insured goods covered – whether it’s carried by vehicle, train, vessel, aircraft or postal service.

  • Who is the policy for?

    Cargo Protect Single Transit Insurance is intended for

    • owners of cargo/goods, or
    • senders/sellers, or
    • receivers/buyers

    who require insurance on those items whilst being transported within Australia.

  • Is insurance available for my goods?

    Once you proceed to the booking stage, we will identify the goods you have listed to be transited.

    If insurance is available on your goods, an option to purchase Cargo Protect Single Transit Insurance will be available during the booking process.

  • Goods we do not cover

    We do not cover the following

    a) Frozen and/or chilled meat, seafood or foodstuffs;
    b) Livestock or live animals, including domestics pets and Bloodstock and Studstock;
    c) Works of art or antiques;
    d) Precious metals and stones, money (which means any coin or banknote), bullion, cheques, credit or other card sales vouchers, securities, shares, bonds, deeds, bills of exchange, or any documents that represent money or title;
    e) Radioactive or explosive goods;
    f) Live plants;
    g) Cigarettes or tobacco products;
    h) Over dimensional loads
    i) Buses or coaches

    The full terms, conditions, limits & exclusions are shown in the product disclosure statement (PDS).

  • What level of cover is provided?

    Not all Single Transit Insurance policies are the same. Some restrict cover to certain circumstances.

    This policy provides full accidental damage cover which includes loss or damage to your insured goods resulting from a deliberate act of a third party or act of terrorism during insured transit.

    We provide a comprehensive cover for peace of mind.

    Please refer to your policy schedule.  The full terms, conditions, limits & exclusions are shown in the product disclosure statement (PDS).

  • Why do I need this – doesn’t the sender, transporter or someone else cover the goods?

    Be careful not to assume your goods are automatically covered during transit.

    Senders / seller’s / suppliers of goods aren’t necessarily obligated to cover goods on a delivery.  They may leave it to the receiver / buyer of goods to work it out.

    Equally, not all transporters cover the goods they carry.

    Some have policies limited to defined events but may exclude damage if goods are accidentally dropped whilst being unloaded.

    Other transporters may have trading terms which specifically exclude damage cover during transit.

    This can get complicated – especially when there are multiple modes of transport involved – which in most cases you won’t even be aware of.

    Take the hassle and guesswork out – look after your goods with Cargo Protect Single Transit Insurance.

  • When does cover start?

    For motor vehicle, motorcycles, caravan, trailer and trailered boat

    Cover commences:

    When the motor vehicle, motorcycle, caravan, trailer or trailered boat is first moved within 200 meters of the carrying conveyance for the purpose of immediately loading it onto the carrying conveyance for the insured transit;

    For all other insured goods (except motor vehicle, motorcycle, caravan, trailer and trailered boat)

    Cover commences:

    a) When the goods are first moved for the purpose of being loaded onto the conveyance for transit to a destination outside the premises,

    b) And continues during the ordinary course of transit

  • When does cover terminate?

    Cover terminates:

    When the motor vehicle, motorcycle, caravan, trailer or trailered boat is last moved at the destination in connection with the insured transit but within 200 metres of the carrying conveyance.

    For all other insured goods (except motor vehicle, motorcycle, caravan, trailer and trailered boat)

    Cover terminates:

    a) On completion of unloading of the goods from the conveyance in or at the final warehouse or place of storage at the contracted destination; or

    b) On completion of unloading of the goods from the conveyance in or at the final warehouse or place of storage whether prior to or at the contracted destination, which you or your employees elect to use either for storage (other than in the ordinary course of transit) or for allocation or distribution; or

    c) When you, your employees or agents elect to use any conveyance or shipping container for storage other than in the ordinary course of transit; or

    d) On the expiry of seventy two (72) hours after unloading from the final conveyance but before delivery in to the final warehouse; or

    e) At the contract destination

    Whichever shall first occur.

  • Can I buy cover if the goods are already in transit?

    No, you must purchase cover before transit commences

  • How much should I insure the goods for?

    Please ensure the value of goods entered reflects their full replacement or invoice value, as otherwise you might be out of pocket in the event of a claim

    The maximum amount you can insure any one item within a consignment is $50,000.

    Eg. 4WD and caravan. Separate values;

    A pallet of goods may have a combined value of $x market value / sum insured as oppose to general freight.

    The sum insured specified on your policy schedule will be the limit of the amount we will pay for any one loss or series of losses arising from one event, subject to the application of any excess. The amount of the sum insured is inclusive of GST (where applicable).

  • Does this cover import / export?

    It is for Australia wide only and it does not cover import and/or export.

    If you need cover for import / export, longer journeys or even an annual policy, more appropriate covers may be available from Marine Protects’ other policies https://www.marineprotect.com/. Please note – these are subject to underwriting guidelines & exclusions.

    We recommend seeking expert advice by contacting your nearest insurance broker via www.needabroker.com.au, unless you already have someone acting on your behalf – give them a call.

  • Cooling off and Cancelling Your Policy

    A cooling off period applies. You have 21 days to consider this policy to be sure you have the Cover You require.

    There are terms and conditions. If the transit has commenced, the policy cannot be cancelled.

    Terms and Conditions can be found here.

  • Complaints / Feedback

    To contact us with a complaint or provide feedback, please email us at cargoclaims@nti.com.au

  • Excess?

    An excess may apply and will be shown on your policy schedule.

    When you make a claim under this policy, you may be asked to pay an excess. This is the amount you contribute towards the cost of your claim.

  • What do I do if my good(s) arrive damaged or don’t arrive?
  • Who can make a claim under this policy?

    The claim must be made by the policy holder, that is, the person who has purchased the insurance policy.

  • Who can be paid at claim time?

    Where is a claim is payable, we will only pay the policy holder.

    An excess may apply and will be deducted from any payments made.

  • How will my claim be paid?

    Depending on the situation, we may elect to;

    a) Repair or replace your goods; or

    b) At our option, cash settle

  • How do I make a claim for damage or non-delivery of my goods?

    You are able to make a claim with us at your preference in the following ways;

    a) SMS
    b) Email
    c) Telephone us.

    For further details on how to claim, click here.

  • What documents will I need to provide you?

    By providing the documentation listed below, but not limited to, you will avoid any unnecessary delays to your claim.

    Proof of purchase invoice and/or receipt of purchase
    Copy of the consignment note / transport document and invoice/s
    Photo(s) of the damaged good(s)

    If you are able to provide a photo of your goods prior to the transit, this may help speed the process of your claim.

  • How long will my claim take?

    We encourage you to lodge your claim with us as soon as possible.

    We endeavour to investigate all claims efficiently and effectively.

    Because circumstances vary, it may take some time to reach a resolution, but we will keep you informed regarding the progress of your claim.

  • Claims that are not covered under your policy

    Where you are unable to provide us with;
    Proof that the transit occurred;
    Any goods / items illegally procured;
    Any goods / items to be used for illegal purposes;
    Dangerous goods
    If your goods are also covered by a third party insurance provider and you have already filed a claim with them.

    Please refer to the full terms, conditions, limits & exclusions are shown in the product disclosure statement (PDS) here.

    Examples, but not limited to proof of transit, a postage or lodgement receipt, tracking sticker found on certain prepaid satchels, and envelopes or signed consignment document.

  • I have made a complaint or provided feedback, what happens now?

    If you’ve submitted a complaint, we may contact you for more information or supporting evidence (for example a statutory declaration or receipts) to help us investigate your case.

    Most complaints are resolved within 10 business days (although some, may take longer).

  • Your Privacy

    At Marine Protect, protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your “personal information” is very important to us and is fundamental to the way we serve you.

    When you give your personal information to us it is a serious responsibility. We are committed to protecting your personal information and giving you a choice in who can use your personal information and how it may be used.

    In keeping with our commitment, all personal information collected will be handled in accordance with Marine Protect’s Privacy Policy, which complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).